Luminous Artist Festival


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Luminous artist festival brings out the most prominent arstist from Finland.

The festival is located close to the Arctic Circle in the heart of wilderness of northern Finland at Ruka. Lumi is a thrilling mixture of some of the Finland’s finest new acts combined with arctic surroundings and activities.

The main venue of the festival is restaurant Piste in the center of Ruka village.
Other venues include nightclub Ihku and legendary Hanki Bar also located of the heart of Ruka. Notice that some of the venues has limited capacity.

Lumi is presented by creative company Is This Art! Together with Ruka-Kuusamo tourist association. Lumi international delegate program is presented by Music Finland.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic Luminous Artist Festival requires Covid-19 certificate, also known as CoronaPass from all participators. Please prepare to state your CoronaPass when entering the venues.


Registration closed


Friday 11.2.


00:00 Louie Blue

22:00 Knife Girl

20:00 Tomi Saario


01:00 Ty Roxy

23:00 Averagekidluke

21:00 Ilon

Hanki baari

18:00 Lumi Talk

Saturday 12.2.


00:00 Lxandra

22:00 Jesse Markin

20:00 Marko Nyberg


23:00 Babel

21:00 New Ro

Hanki Baari

16:00 lumi talk

Polar Bar

17:00 Inka Upendo


1 DAY 20€

2 DAYS 35€

Tickets available at TIKETTI



Martin goldschmidt / cooking vinyl

Anika Mottershaw / Bella Union

Keith miller / Wide Awake

Lucy Wood / Roundhouse

Paul spraggonn / Ssb

Jason White / 4ad